Dairy Keep Products (DK-II)

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We are the exclusive Dairy Keep Products (DK-II) dealer for the Western United States!

The ingredients in DK-II are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), and are manufactured using current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs).

DK‐II-CR is a combination of proprietary FDA GRAS technology (Ike-Joe) and food grade hydrogen peroxide, creating an antimicrobial product that is very effective against gram-negative disease organisms.

Did you know?

DK-II/San Guard at 3oz to a gallon of water can aid in cleaning hutches, windbreaks, calving areas, barns, nipples, bottles, hot boxes and more, with delivery as simple as a hand sprayer, backpack sprayer or mounted sprayer!

What is DK-II?

SCG Solutions Surface Salmonella Study

SCG Mycoplasma bovis Solutions Study

2016 Cryptosporidium Reduction Study on DK-II-CR