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The economics of haying operations have been changing over the past decade. The cost of production, equipment and supplies, land, water, seed and fertilizer along with the demand for much higher quality forages have dictated new management practices, products and methods, to ensure profitability.
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Dyna-Sile is an advanced silage additive for the quality production of alfalfa, grass, corn and high moisture grain silages. Dyna-Sile includes enzyme agents that are used to improve the fermentation and preservation of corn, high moisture corn and cereal grain silages. Dyna-Sile accelerates the production of lactic acid producing bacteria present in the silage mass.

Dyna-Sile accelerates the production of lactic acid producing bacteria present in the silage mass which promotes:

  • Higher Fermentation Acid Content

  • Conserved Feed Energy

  • Preserved Nutrient Value

  • Reduced Heating

  • Increased Feed Value

  • Improved Palatability

  • Longer bunk life

How does it work?

Silage production consists of two processes; the primary anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation process and the secondary aerobic (with oxygen) fermentation process. The primary anaerobic process creates lactic acid producing bacteria (L.Plantarum) which preserves the plants' nutrients. The secondary aerobic process generates heat, carbon dioxide and water and causes the plant material to break down.

Dyna-Sile introduces silage specific enzymes, metabolites and antioxidants that both enhances the primary fermentation process and controls the negative secondary fermentation process to create exceptional silage qualities. 

This dual function gives Dyna-Sile a wider window of effectiveness than any other silage additive. Tests conducted demonstrate the importance of using Dyna-Sile to increase the amount of lactic acid produced and rapidly decrease the overall silage pH.

Dyna-Sile is applied to the silage at the chopper or bagger using a liquid drip applicator system.

Dyna-Sile Dry is the same formula as Dyna-Sile liquid only developed for addition to silage as a dry product.