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Accelerate Performance, Growth and Health

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For Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs and Horses

For Optimum Performance Growth, and Health


Livestock fed for the show ring need to grow and develop at an optimum rate to meet their genetic potential and to compete at a high level.


EXCELLERATOR is formulated to provide your show animals the boost they need to perform and excel at a superior level.

EXCELLERATOR contains Excell™ a lactobacillus fermentation product and a combination of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients backed by university research to promote rumen and intestinal health and digestion.

Maintaining appetite and feed intake is an important aspect of performance to achieve optimum growth and development.


EXCELLERATOR can help maintain good appetite and a consistent feed intake to keep your animals growing at the desired rate.


EXCELLERATOR can also help maintain the overall health of your show animals by maintaining good rumen function and a healthy and balanced intestine. The unique profile of bioactive compounds support microbial populations in the digestive system of the rumen and intestine.

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Benefits of Excellerator

For optimum performance, growth and health, EXCELLERATOR is a good choice to provide the optimum animal performance and health to show stock.

  • Helps animals meet their genetic growth and development potential

  • Maintains desired appetite and feed intake

  • Helps optimize digestion and feed utilization for superior weight gain

  • Supports rumen function, fiber digestion and optimum energy production

  • Helps maintain optimum digestive health and immune function




Suggested Use Levels:

Cattle – 2 scoops per head per day

Sheep – 1/2 scoop per head per day

Goats– 1/2 scoop per head per day

Pigs – 1/2 scoop per head per day


Horses– 2 scoops per head per day

Available in:

1 pound - 120 small animal feedings, 30 large animal feedings

4 pound - 120 Large animal feedings, 480 small animal feedings

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