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Dyna-Cure™ Best Practices

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

  • Applicators:

    • Installation and nozzle placement

      • Follow installation instructions and ask you rep about placements

  • Maintenance

    • In-season: Drain and clean applicator after each cutting

    • Weatherization details here

  • Product Handling:

    • Storage

      • Keep from extreme temperatures, especially from freezing

  • Dilution

    • 6-9 oz per ton is our recommended usage

  • Mixing

    • Always mix product thoroughly before blending, and if solution sets in tanks overnight

  • Shut off irrigation water 5 days in advance (1st & 4th cutting) *(Why? More in FAQ's, below)

  • Shut off irrigation water 3-4 days in advance (2nd & 3rd cutting) *(Why? More in FAQ's, below)

    • Reduces moisture from ground and dew

    • Helps in raking onto dry ground

  • Watch applicator/product level

    • If application rate is wrong, you can be using too much or too little product.

  • Make sure your swather conditioner is set correctly for proper action

  • Raking schedule **(Why? More in FAQ's)

    • Check for "ready to rake" beginning day 1 after swathing (fluctuates on tonnage)

    • Rake 1- 1 1/2 days earlier (onto dry ground)

    • Reduced handling

    • Don't "rope" hay when raking, leaf shatter is not an issue

  • Moisture content

    • Monitor for best results

    • Not recommended for high-moisture baling

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