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Economic Value of Excell™ in Pre-Weaned Calves

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

University of Georgia: Krause, Ryman, Heins, Lourenco, Callaway, Pringle

Excell™ Improves Feed Efficiency and Weight Gain

Figure 1

Research at the University of Georgia

showed Excell™ an all-natural lactobacillus fermentation product from Pacer Technology, improved feed efficiency and rate of gain on pre-weaned calves.

Figure 2

Sixty 400# Angus steers were fed 1 of 3 diets: control, creep only, and creep plus Excell™ at 5 grams per head per day for 63 days. Steers on the creep plus Excell™ treatment gained 4 lbs. more weight (Figure 2) on .78 lbs. less feed (Figure 1).

Positive ROI With Excell™

Based on a creep feed cost of $.15 per lb. and 600# calves valued at $1.70 per lb., feeding Excell™ produced $14.17 of value. The return on investment (ROI) is 4.5:1 at a cost of $3.15 for five grams of Excell™ per head per day for 63 days.

Excell™ Offers Added Value to Cattle Feeding

· Feed efficiency on Excell™ improved by 11.2 % requiring 0.78 lb. less feed for additional 4 lbs. of gain

· Excell™ produced 16.2% more total volatile fatty acid (VFA)which produced more gain

· Excell™ produced more propionate reducing the acetate to propionate ratio from 5.1 to 4.75 which is an indicator of higher energy availability for growth

· Butyrate was 12% higher with Excell™ which promotes rumen development and gut health

· Excell™ fed calves produced significantly more volatile fatty acids in the intestine which contributes to immune function and overall animal health


Calves fed five grams of Excell™ in their creep feed for 63 days produced 4 lbs. more gain on .78 lbs. less feed from improved rumen function. Feed efficiency was improved by the combined effects of total increased total VFA production and increased propionate production.

Excell™ also increased total volatile fatty acid concentration in the fecal material which suggests increased gut fermentation, digestion, and utilization of feed in the digestive tract. Production of additional short chain fatty acids produced from the Excell™ treatment are known to improve gut integrity, microbiome diversity, immune function and over all animal health.

This study indicates Excell™ provides both improved rumen function and intestinal benefits in cattle to support efficient growth, performance and health.

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