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KeyAg Distributors - Excell™ Research Trials Summaries

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

A leader in fermentation technology, Pacer Technology Research program, is focused on providing innovative, all-natural and cost effective products for global agriculture.

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Beef Research

2016 UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO…Comparison to Lasalocid…39-day backgrounding

Superior to Lasalocid: Increased ADG .11 lbs. / day on steers, .19 heifers

2017 UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO…Comparison to Monensin…42-day backgrounding

Superior to Monensin: Increased ADG .23 lbs. / day…same feed efficiency

• Similar VFA profile to Monensin but significantly increased butyrate

2018 UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO…Excell™ heifer pasture and breeding study

• ADG, intake, feed efficiency and onset of puberty (conception) equal to Monensin

2020 University of Georgia Four Phase Study:

In vitro phase:

4.4% more total VFA

51% more butyrate than Monensin, 5% than control

Reduced hydrogen and methane

Creep feed phase

.57 lbs. more ADG than negative control

• Backgrounding phase

Preliminary data suggests improvement over Monensin similar to UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO

Excell™ Effect on Performance and Volatile Fatty Acid Profile in 600# Pre-weaned Calves

• Finishing phase…trial finishes in July

Closeout data and carcass quality data will be included

Dairy Calf Research

2017 Commercial calf ranch…8-week weaning study #1

9.1% increase in BW of 8.9 lbs…increase in ADG, overall weight, height and length

2017 Commercial calf ranch…8-week weaning study #2

6.8% increase in BW of 6.7 lbs…increase in ADG, overall weight, weight and length

2020 & 2021 Value of Excell™ in Weaned Calf Rations fed Excell™ a Lactobacillus Fermentation Product for 21 Days after Weaning

• 2020…3.96 lbs. heavier calf from 21 days on Excell™

• 2021…2.2 lbs. heavier calf from 21 days on feed Excell™

Improved all frame measurements

Adisseo sponsored through Dr. David Casper Calf Research Farm

Product Benefits Seen from Research Results

Bigger Calves at Weaning (More Profit and ROI)

• Increased rumen development in young calves

• Increased ruminal butyrate production

• Increased feed intake

• Increased weight and frame

Rapid treatment of neonatal calf diarrhea (Healthier Calves)

• Elimination of scours

• Improved immune function

Weaned calves' transition to group pens with less health issues

• A more developed rumen improves nutrient intake

• Immune function is improved from a healthy gut

• Increased microbial population

• Increased total VFA levels and available energy

• Increased ruminal butyrate production

• Stimulates dry matter intake

• Increased weight gain and frame size

Dairy Lactation Research

2018 Commercial 1200 cow lactation study…120 days

• #1 6 lbs. more milk but less butter fat on Monensin plus Excell™

• #2 7 lbs. more milk but less butter fat on Excell™ alone

2018 Fresno State 8-week deprived colostrum weaning & rumen development study

• 20% less death loss and Excell™ calves had improved intestinal scores over control

Poultry Research

Commercial Broilers

• Improved feed efficiency…1 lb. less feed to produce an 8-pound broiler - 45 days

• 50% less early mortality

Layers (2600 Range Layer Operation)

• Reversed egg production depression and increased 10% over original production

• Significantly reduced yeast, E.coli, mold and staph aureus levels in the intestine

• Restored intestinal health from yeast and bacterial infection

• Reversed weight loss and returned hens to normal weight

Veterinarian Reviews


Ulcer Prevention

Better recovery / immune function in working horses


Maintains firm stools and less incidence of diarrhea

Reduction of irritable bowel

Reversal of stress induced diarrhea

Product Benefits Seen

Maintains Optimal Intestinal Health and Immune Function

• Optimum Microbiome Population and Diversity

• Strong immune function

• Reduced ulcer frequency

• Faster post-event recovery

• Reduction of environmental pathogen levels

• Optimum digestion and adsorption

Providing Valuable Nutrients for Crops and Livestock

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