USDA Weekly Crop Progress Weekend's Weather Not Shown in Condition Ratings

OMAHA (DTN) -- The results of this weekend's rain and storm deluges aren't yet factored into USDA's weekly Crop Progress and Conditions report, as winter wheat condition ratings remained unchanged from last week at 54% good to excellent for the week ended April 30.

"USDA's condition ratings resulted in a DTN Winter Wheat Condition Index of 134, unchanged from a week ago and proof that these ratings should not be literally taken as of April 30," said DTN Analyst Todd Hultman. "DTN's index is down from 157 a year ago, but above the five-year average of 102. Monday's report of winter wheat ratings should be ignored, given the weekend's adverse weather."

Winter wheat heading is at 42%, ahead of last year at 40% and the five-year average of 34%.

Corn is 34% planted, equal to the five-year average and behind last year's blistering pace of 43%. Rain has kept many fields too wet to plant. Emergence is at 9%, one percentage point ahead of the five-year average, but three percentage points behind last year's 12%.

"Monday's report is neutral for corn," Hultman said.

Soybeans are 10% planted, compared to 7% on average and 7% last year. "Illinois was 13% planted, ahead of its usual pace," said Hultman. "Monday's report is slightly bearish for soybeans."

Spring wheat is 31% planted and 9% emerged, compared to 52% and 20% last year, and 46% and 17% on average. "Monday's report is modestly bullish for spring wheat," Hultman said.

Cotton is 14% planted, compared to 15% last year and a 17% average. Rice is 73% planted and 58% emerged, compared to 71% and 53% last year and 58% and 41% on average.

Sorghum is 27% planted, compared to 23% last year and a 26% average. Barley is 32% planted and 14% emerged, compared to 55% and 27% last year and 53% and 21% on average. Oats are 67% planted and 45% emerged, compared to 77% and 54% last year and 70% and 50% on average.

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