USDA Crop Progress - US Farmers Log Another Week of Double-Digit Gains in Corn, Soybean Harvest

OMAHA (DTN) -- U.S. farmers logged another week of double-digit gains in the corn and soybean harvest last week, USDA's National Ag Statistics Service said in its weekly Crop Progress report on Monday.

As of Sunday, Nov. 4, 83% of the nation's soybeans were harvested, up 11 percentage points from the previous week. That was 6 percentage points behind the five-year average of 89%, an improvement from the previous week when harvest lagged the average pace by 9 points.

However, the soybean harvest is still behind the five-year average pace in more states than it is ahead, noted DTN Analyst Todd Hultman.

"Kansas remains the most distressed, at 63% harvested compared to a five-year average of 82%, with Arkansas a close second at 72% harvested," Hultman said.

Corn harvest ended the week at 76% complete, up 13 percentage points from the previous week. It was the first time this season that corn harvest fell behind the average pace, which is 77% for this time of year.

"Corn harvest appears to be going well overall with no insurmountable problems anticipated," Hultman said.

Meanwhile, winter wheat progress was behind average last week. Eighty-four percent of the crop was planted as of Sunday, behind last year's 90% and also behind the five-year average of 90%. Winter wheat emerged, at 70%, was behind both last year's pace of 74% and the average pace of 77%.

Kansas remained one of the hold-outs, with 83% of the state's winter wheat planted, 12 percentage points behind the five-year average of 95%, Hultman noted. "Keep in mind, without a planted acreage estimate from USDA, none of us know what these percentages are based on," Hultman said.

NASS estimated 51% of winter wheat was in good-to-excellent condition, down 2 percentage points from 53% the previous week.

Sixty-four percent of the sorghum crop was harvested as of Sunday, behind 70% last year and 12 percentage points behind the five-year average of 76%.

Ninety-four percent of cotton had bolls opening as of Sunday, behind the average of 97%. Forty-nine percent of cotton was harvested, behind last year's 53% and also behind the average pace of 52%.

Cotton condition slipped from 35% good to excellent the previous week to 33% last week.

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