USDA Crop Progress - 10% of Corn, 9% of Soybeans Still in Field

OMAHA (DTN) -- An estimated 10% of the nation's corn crop and 9% of the soybean crop was left to harvest as of Sunday, Nov. 18, USDA's National Ag Statistics Service said in its weekly Crop Progress report on Monday.

Corn harvest ended last week at 90% complete, up 6 percentage points from the previous week. Harvest was near last year's pace of 89% complete but was 3 percentage points behind the five-year average of 93%.

"Corn harvest remains slower than usual with delays mainly in Iowa and the western Plains," said DTN Lead Analyst Todd Hultman.

Meanwhile, 91% of the nation's soybeans were harvested as of Sunday, up just 3 percentage points from the previous week. Harvest is still 5 percentage points behind the five-year average of 96%.

"The same troubled areas of Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri were stuck at 81%, 83% and 77% harvested, respectively," Hultman said.

Winter wheat progress also remained behind normal last week. Ninety-three percent of the crop was planted as of Sunday, behind last year's 97% and also behind the five-year average of 97%. Winter wheat emerged, at 81%, was behind both last year's pace of 87% and the average pace of 88%.

"Arkansas and Missouri are also slow planting winter wheat, at 79% for Arkansas and 82% for Missouri," Hultman said. "For Kansas, however, USDA said the country’s largest winter wheat producer is 95% planted."

NASS estimated 56% of the nation's winter wheat was in good-to-excellent condition, up 2 percentage points from 54% the previous week and also up from 52% at the same time last year.

Eighty percent of the sorghum crop was harvested as of Sunday, behind 89% last year and 10 percentage points behind the five-year average of 90%.

Fifty-nine percent of cotton was harvested, behind last year's 73% and also behind the average pace of 69%.

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