USDA Crop Progress - Final Report of Season Shows Row-Crop Harvest, Winter Wheat Planting Behind Ave

OMAHA (DTN) -- The nation's row-crop harvest and winter wheat planting made little headway last week and remained behind the five-year average pace as of Sunday, Nov. 25, USDA's National Ag Statistics Service said in its final weekly Crop Progress report of the season on Monday.

Corn harvest progressed only 4 percentage points to end last week at 94% complete. That's equal to last year's pace of 94% complete but was 2 percentage points behind the five-year average of 96%. States that are still slower than usual harvesting corn included the Dakotas, Pennsylvania and Ohio, noted DTN Lead Analyst Todd Hultman

Meanwhile, 94% of the nation's soybeans were harvested as of Sunday, up just 3 percentage points from the previous week. Harvest is still 4 percentage points behind the five-year average of 98%.

"It is no surprise that Missouri is only 85% finished and Arkansas is 88% complete," Hultman said. "The southeastern Midwest and Ohio are also showing difficulty getting the final 10% to 20% of their crops out."

Winter wheat progress also remained behind average last week. Ninety-five percent of the crop was planted as of Sunday, up just 2 percentage points from the previous week, behind last year's 99% and also behind the five-year average of 99%. Winter wheat emerged, at 86%, was behind both last year's pace of 91% and the average pace of 92%. Kansas was 96% planted,

Missouri was 89% and Arkansas was 85% planted as of Sunday, Hultman noted.

NASS estimated 55% of the nation's winter wheat was in good-to-excellent condition, down 1 percentage point from 56% the previous week but up from 50% last year at this time.

Eighty-nine percent of the sorghum crop was harvested as of Sunday, behind 94% last year and 5 percentage points behind the five-year average of 94%.

Seventy percent of cotton was harvested, behind last year's 78% and also behind the average pace of 77%.

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