Crop Progress - State Stories March 2019

March 26, 2019

IDAHO: Idaho was waiting to start planting due to high moisture and low temperatures. Ground in Boundary County was still frozen with snow cover. Snow was melting rapidly on the Southern, Southwestern, and Southeastern slopes in Latah and Nez Perce Counties, but soils remained too saturated to work. Spring calving was nearing completion in Southwestern Idaho. Topsoil in Cassia and Minidoka Counties were dry, but subsoil continued to be very wet. Rangeland needed more heat before it became usable. Tractors recently started to enter fields in Jerome and Twin Falls Counties. Winter pastures were in poor conditions while spring pastures began to green. Camas County had at least three feet of snow in fields, while Bear Lake and Teton Counties had at least two feet of snow. The ground was thawing and snow was melting in Oneida County. Snow was melting with the welcoming of rain in Power County. Teton County experienced some minor flooding.


MONTANA: Topsoil moisture for the month of March was 1% very short, 5% short, 75% adequate, and 19% surplus. Subsoil moisture for the month was 1% very short, 12% short, 80% adequate, and 7% surplus. For the month of March, winter wheat - wind damage was 56% none 11% light, 32% moderate, and 1% heavy. Winter wheat - freeze and drought damage 31% none, 19% light, 47% moderate, and 3% heavy for the month. Winter wheat - protectiveness of snow cover for the month was 8% very poor, 11% poor, 16% fair, 34% good, and 31% exc