USDA Weekly Crop Progress - Soggy Conditions Continue to Stymie Planting Progress

OMAHA (DTN) -- Soggy conditions across much of the country continued to stymie planting progress last week with farmers managing to plant only another 9% of the corn crop and 10% of the soybean crop during the week. That means 33% of corn and 61% of soybeans are left to plant, according to this week's USDA NASS Crop Progress report.

NASS estimated that, as of Sunday, June 2, corn planting was 67% complete. That was up just 9 percentage points from 58% the previous week and was 29 percentage points behind the five-year average of 96%. In last week's report, corn planting was 32 percentage points behind the average pace.

"Many in the trade had expected progress to show closer to 70-71% complete, in a range of 68% to 76%," said DTN Senior Analyst Dana Mantini.

"On corn seeding, some notable changes, especially in the Eastern Corn Belt, were Illinois, which was 45% done compared to the 98% average; Indiana 31% done versus the average of 94%; and Ohio 74% complete versus an 83% average. Iowa was 80% planted versus the normal pace of 99%, and Nebraska was 88% done versus 98%. South Dakota continued to lag at 44% planted versus an average of 96%," Mantini said.

A lack of sun also hampered corn emergence. An estimated 46% of the crop was emerged as of Sunday, 38 percentage points behind the five-year average of 84%. In last week's report, emergence was 37 percentage points behind average.

"Ohio and Indiana were just 18% emerged compared to 73% and 80% averages, respectively," Mantini said. "South Dakota was once again lagging at just 13% emerged compared to the normal 80%."

Soybean planting also inched along last week. As of Sunday, an estimated 39% of the crop was planted, up 10 percentage points from the previous week but behind last year's 86% and 40 percentage points behind the five-year average of 79%. In last week's report, soybean planting was 37 percentage points behind average.

"Some notable changes in soybean planting progress included: Illinois at 21% planted compared to the 84% average, Indiana at 17% versus the 80% average, Ohio at 18% versus the 76% average and, you guessed it, South Dakota at just 14% planted -- well below the average of 82%."

Nationwide, 19% of soybeans were emerged, 37 percentage points behind the average of 56%.

Spring wheat growers had more success in catching up to the average pace. NASS estimated that 93% of spring wheat was planted as of Sunday, just 3 percentage points behind the five-year average of 96%. That was closer to the average pace than the previous week when planting was 7 percentage points behind normal.

"South Dakota is the laggard, at 86% planted versus a 99% average," Mantini said.

Spring wheat emerged, at 69%, was 15 percentage points behind the five-year average of 84%.

Winter wheat was 76% headed as of Sunday, behind last year's 82% and 8 percentage points behind the five-year average of 84%. USDA estimated that 64% of winter wheat was in good-to-excellent condition, up 3 percentage points from 61% the previous week.

"The trade had expected a decline of 1-2% in winter wheat's good-to-excellent condition rating due to excess rains," Mantini said. "Some notable ratings for individual states included: Illinois with 30% good to excellent, Indiana 53%, Missouri 42%, Kansas 57%, Oklahoma 64% and Texas with 64% good to excellent. Oklahoma's winter wheat condition rating has fallen sharply in the past few weeks, and Kansas' rating is also lower."

Sorghum was 35% planted, compared to 59% last year and a five-year average of 53%. Oats were 91% planted as of June 2, compared to 97% last year and an average of 98%. Oats emerged were at 77%, compared to 89% last year and an average of 93%.

Cotton planting was 71% complete, compared to 74% last year and near the average of 72%. Cotton squaring, at 8%, was also near the average pace of 7%. Rice was 91% planted, compared to 99% last year and an average of 98%. Seventy-six percent of rice was emerged, compared to 94% last year and an average of 91%.

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