USDA Weekly Crop Progress - Corn Planting 92% Complete; Corn Condition Unchanged at 59% Good to Exce

OMAHA (DTN) -- Eight percent of the U.S. corn crop still wasn't planted as of Sunday, June 16, according to the latest USDA NASS Crop Progress report released on Monday. That means a substantial number of corn acres likely won't be planted this year, as the window for optimum yield potential has passed and the late-planting periods for crop insurance coverage in individual states are nearing an end.

NASS estimated that corn planting was 92% complete as of Sunday, up 9 percentage points from 83% the previous week. That put planting progress 8 percentage points behind both last year and the five-year average of 100%. This week's planting estimate came in at the high end of the pre-report estimate range of 89-92%, noted DTN Senior Analyst Dana Mantini.

Notable planting progress in individual states compared to the five-year average included: Illinois at 88% complete versus the five-year average of 100%; Indiana at 84% versus 100%; Ohio at 68% vs. 100%; South Dakota at 78% vs. 100%; Wisconsin at 87% vs. 99%; Missouri at 89% vs. 99%; and Michigan at 84% planted vs. 98% average.

An estimated 79% of corn was emerged as of Sunday, 18 percentage points behind the five-year average of 97%. That was an improvement from last Monday's report when emergence was 31 percentage points behind average.

NASS estimated that 59% of corn that was emerged was in good-to-excellent condition, unchanged from the previous week.

"States with some notable corn condition ratings were Missouri with 28% of the crop rated as good to excellent and both Illinois and Indiana with ratings of 50-51% good to excellent," Mantini said.

While corn planting progress has slowed, soybean planting progress continued at a steady pace last week. As of Sunday, an estimated 77% of the crop was planted, up 17 percentage points from 60% the previous week. Progress was 16 percentage points behind the five-year average of 93%, an improvement from last week's report when soybean planting was 32 percentage points behind average.

Nationwide, 55% of soybeans were emerged, 29 percentage points behind the average of 84%. Notable soybean emergence in individual states versus five-year averages included: Illinois with 50% of soybeans emerged vs. an average of 88%; Indiana 38% vs. 85%; Michigan 34% vs. 84%; Ohio 29% vs. 84%; and South Dakota 36% vs. 89%.

Spring wheat emerged, at 95%, was just 2 percentage points behind the five-year average of 97%. Two percent of the spring wheat crop was headed, behind last year's 8% and the five-year average of 12%.

Spring wheat condition for the portion of the crop that was emerged was rated 77% good to excellent, down 4 percentage points from 81% the previous week. North Dakota's spring wheat was rated 83% in good-to-excellent condition, and Minnesota's crop was rated 86% in good-to-excellent condition.

Winter wheat was 89% headed as of Sunday, behind last year's 94% and 6 percentage points behind the five-year average of 95%. Winter wheat harvest reached 8% complete as of Sunday, behind 25% last year and also behind the average of 20%.

Notable winter harvest progress in individual states versus five-year averages included: Oklahoma with 16% of winter wheat harvested versus a five-year average of 56%; Texas at 42% vs. 56%; Illinois at 6% vs. 21%; and Kansas at 1% harvested vs. 12% average.

USDA estimated that 64% of winter wheat was in good-to-excellent condition as of Sunday, unchanged from 64% the previous week.

Sorghum was 69% planted, compared to 88% last year and a five-year average of 81%. Fifteen percent of sorghum was headed, near the five-year average of 16%. Oats emerged were at 94%, compared to 98% last year and an average of 99%. Thirty-three percent of oats were headed, behind the average of 54%.

Cotton planting was 89% complete, compared to 95% last year and the average of 94%. Cotton squaring, at 19%, was slightly ahead of the average pace of 18%. Rice was 94% emerged, compared to 100% last year and an average of 99%.

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