This Week's Drought Summary (2/13)

February 13, 2020

Heavy precipitation affected large parts of the Nation last week, with heavy snow in the central Rockies bringing some relief to the dry areas there. The broadest area of heavy precipitation stretched from the Middle Atlantic States southwestward into the Lower Mississippi Valley and the Southeast. At least 2 inches fell from the Ohio River to near the Gulf and southern Atlantic Coasts, with 7 to 10 inches measured across the much of the interior Southeast. On the other side of the 48 states, heavy precipitation covered parts of the Northwest. Near the coast in Washington and northern Oregon, most locations recorded at least 4 inches of precipitation, with isolated amounts to 10 inches in higher elevations. Just to the east, along the Cascade Range from central Oregon northward, a broad swath received at least 5 inches of precipitation, and most of a strip through central Washington reported 10 to locally 15 inches. Well inland, in the central and northern Rockies, precipitation was largely elevation-dependent,. The more elevated regions observed 2 to 5 inches, with lesser amounts in adjacent areas of lower elevation. Heavier amounts more broadly covered central Idaho and adjacent areas in Washington and Oregon, with totals of 4 to locally 8 inch