Fluid Milk and Cream - Western U.S. Dairy Report

Southeastern processors continue to send their own trucks/drivers to pick up farm milk on a daily basis as western handlers cannot accommodate transportation for them.

In California, a good pull of milk is going to retail accounts to fulfill Thanksgiving holiday buying needs. Next week, many educational institutions will be closed for a few days. As so, milk orders to refill schools’ pipelines have decreased.

Milk output across the state is a bit up, but processors are not having any problems handling the milk.

Arizona milk production levels are steady to up. Milk supplies conform with plant managers expectations, so they are able to manage them adequately. As most schools get ready to close next week for the Thanksgiving holiday, their demand for Class I milk is being adjusted accordingly.

However, retail stores are taking more milk to satisfy holiday buyers’ needs.

Topsoil and subsoil moistures are 90 percent adequate to surplus this week, compared to 94 percent last week. Seventy-seven percent of the alfalfa hay acreage is good to excellent.

Dairy farmers in New Mexico say that cows are producing more milk with the declining temperatures. Milk requests from the Southeast remain strong. Southeastern processors continue to send their own trucks/drivers to pick up farm milk on a daily basis as western handlers cannot accommodate transportation for them.

This week Class I and III demands are trending higher while Class II requests are mainly steady to down. It seems like retailers and restaurants are restocking their supplies for buyers’ holiday needs. Minor repair/maintenance at a plant caused milk holdovers to increase, but it is now slowly decreasing.

The sixth cutting of alfalfa hay is taking place, with 94 percent of the alfalfa acreage already harvested. Topsoil and subsoil moistures are both 71 percent adequate to surplus.

Pacific Northwest milk production is following typical seasonal patterns. There is plenty of milk for processing and bottling needs, even as intakes have trended slightly lower. Milk handlers are preparing as best they can to make sure each load of milk has a home ahead of the holiday.

Milk production in the mountain states of Idaho, Utah and Colorado is steady. Manufacturers say there is ample milk for most processing needs. Some excess loads are finding their way into neighboring states at discounts to offset transportation costs.

Cold weather is finding its way into the region and some snow is starting to accumulate at upper elevations, but so far, there have been no issues regarding cow comfort.

Western condensed skim supplies are ample as milk yield is increasing in the region. Processors are accordingly managing their inventories.

Cream in the West is available to meet the needs of almost all the buyers. However, supplies have been declining as demand increases close to the Thanksgiving holiday. Some surrounding regions continue to source their cream needs from the West due to their limited inventories. Cream multiples for all usages are 1.10-1.35.

National Retail Fluid Milk Summary

Advertised Prices at Major Retail Supermarket Outlets.

Half Gallon, All Fat Tests

Organic: $4.45

Conventional: $2.37


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