Fluid Milk and Cream - Western U.S. Report 25

California milk supplies are down and are not always enough to fill spot demands. However, the most pressing needs can be taken care of without any major issue. Milk production is still lower. Class I sales are steady. Class II demands are somewhat increasing. A few ice    cream manufacturers are taking more milk for their production needs. Milk component levels are down. 

In Arizona, farm milk output remains unchanged from a week ago. Milk volumes produced are enough to meet the needs of buyers. However, there is no surplus milk available for additional buying. Processing facilities are running a bit below full capacity. Bottled milk demands are steady, whereas Class II requests are ramping up due to increased ice cream production. No milk is coming from other states. 

Milk production in New Mexico is flat to declining. The warmer weather conditions are impacting milk yield. Nevertheless, manufacturers are getting their needs filled. Holdovers are back to normal levels as the     machines that were down la