Agronomy Products

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Plants thrive when soil is nourished with microorganisms; without microbes in the soil the land becomes hard and compacted and water and oxygen can not be readily absorbed.

​The foundation of the Ample family of VALUE. When you demand more from what you plant, your plants demand Ample!

  • Helps stimulate seed germination

  • Helps accelerate seedling emergence                                             

  • Helps increases root nodulation

  • Helps promote cell elongation

  • Helps increase nutrient breakdown and nutrient uptake

  • Essential for plant synthesis of nutrients

  • Helps increase crop yield and vigor

​A liquid foliar fertilizer containing NPK and essential micronutrients. With the use of Multi-Grow a Washington farmer was able to produce more viable set of potatoes per hill.

​A liquid foliar containing plant growth stimulants and essential micronutrients.

Ample ZSB trace elements are chelated with natural and amino acids to increase efficiency of uptake. Trials show that foliar applications of AMPLE are capable of increasing the dry matter yield of alfalfa 10-25%.


This commercial seed treatment is a proprietary blend of micronutrients designed to enhance plant health and increase yield.

Includes Iron, Zinc, Boron, Copper, Cobalt, Manganese and Molybdenum.  This blend of micronutrients is vital for growth and promotes a strong healthy start for plants.

Results in seedling emergence up to three days earlier than non-treated seed leading to stronger plants that withstand cold and heat stress.

Promotes deeper, fuller root growth increasing fertilizer and moisture intake leading to healthier plants and increased yields.

Seed Treat