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Dyna-Sile™ and the Importance of Silage Inoculants

Ensiling or fermenting fresh forage is an effective way to preserve nutrients, allowing us to feed animals year-round. However, the value and quality of silage is dependent on how well it was preserved. The primary goal of ensiling is to acidify the crop as quickly as possible, allowing for the preservation of nutrients. The fermentation of silage is affected by many variable s like moisture level, type of forage, presence of oxygen, storage, bunk management, etc. When poor fermentation occurs, there is not only a reduction in nutrient quality, but it can result in silage containing toxins and metabolites that affect the cows' health and performance. Silage incoluants are tools that can help control and ensure good fermentation under the right ensiling conditions.

Dyna-Sile™ is an advanced silage additive for the quality production of alfalfa, grass, corn and high moisture grain silages.

Dyna-Sile™ includes enzyme agents that are used to improve the fermentation and preservation of corn, high moisture corn and cereal grain silages. Dyna-Sile™ can accelerate the production of lactic acid producing bacteria present in the silage mass.

Silage inoculants kick-start the fermentation process, allowing for a faster reduction in pH, reduced nutrient breakdown and an increase in dry matter recovery. Ensiling involves lactic acid bacteria (LAB) fermenting sugars into lactic acid, which decreases the pH, limits nutrient breakdown and prevents the growth of undesirable bacteria, molds and yeasts.

Dyna-Sile™ accelerates the production of lactic acid producing bacteria present in the silage mass which promotes:

  • Higher Fermentation Acid Content

  • Conserved Feed Energy

  • Preserved Nutrient Value

  • Reduced Heating

  • Increased Feed Value

  • Improved Palatability

  • Longer bunk life

Dyna-Sile™ introduces silage specific enzymes, metabolites and antioxidants that both enhance the primary fermentation process and controls the negative secondary fermentation process to create exceptional silage qualities.

This dual function gives Dyna-Sile™ a wider window of effectiveness than any other silage additive.

Dyna-Sile™ is most effective when applied as forage is being harvested. There is no mixing or diluting requited - simply fill the applicator tank installed directly on the chopper and you are ready to go.

Providing Valuable Nutrients for Crops and Livestock

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