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Effect of Excell™ on Feed Efficiency, Growth and Death Loss of Cornish Cross Broilers

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Trial Objective

To measure the improvement in feed efficiency, growth and death loss of fast-growing Cornish Cross broilers when fed Excell™, a lactobacillus fermentation product.


The market demand for antibiotic free chicken has changed commercial broiler production around the world by reducing or eliminating growth promoting antibiotics. This change has resulted in decreased growth and feed efficiency as well as increased mortality and morbidity due to increased pathogen loads causing disease and intestinal issues. Producers are looking for alternative feed additives that can help improve performance, health, and profitability.

All-Natural Excell™

Excell™, a lactobacillus fermentation product from Pacer Technology has shown to be an effective additive for maintaining intestinal health in the presence of pathogenic challenges. By promoting beneficial lactate producing organisms in the intestine and promoting immune function, Excell™ could be a viable option in antibiotic free broiler production.

Proven Results

Trial results from Cornish Rock broiler trial are shown in Table 1, below.

Trial Results

(Trial results from Cornish Rock broiler trial are shown in Table 1, on the previous page)

· Cornish Rock cross broilers were fed Excell™ at the rate of 114 grams per ton for 53 days to an average live weight of 6 pounds per bird.

· Excell™ fed birds required .85 lbs. less feed than the control birds.

· Feed conversion (feed required to produce 1 pound of weight) was 1.73 for the Excell™ birds and 1.8 for the control.

· The 8 points of improved feed efficiency resulted reduction of feed costs by $.27 per bird.

· Death loss was significantly reduced from 11% for control birds to 5% for Excell™ birds.


Feeding Excell™ improved intestinal health and digestion by supporting the beneficial intestinal microflora. This effect optimizes the gut environment and helps reduce the pathogen challenge and death loss, improve feed efficiency, and maintain optimal growth.

Excell™ For Poultry

Excell™® is a microbial fermentation product for poultry and monogastric animals that helps restore and maintain a healthy intestinal microflora necessary for optimal digestion and overall health.

A healthy balance of the bird’s natural microflora not only protects against invading pathogenic organisms, like E. coli, salmonella and clostridium – but also helps in maintaining a good intestinal environment, which helps optimize feed efficiency, maintain growth and keep birds healthy with minimal death loss.

Excell™ Feeding Level

Feed Excell™ to all poultry at the rate of 115 grams (4 ounces) per ton of complete feed.

Available in liquid and dry crumble.

Excell™ has been used in livestock diets for over 30 years with proven results.

Feeding Excell™ helps to maintain intestinal health of poultry by supporting the beneficial intestinal microflora and maintenance of optimal gut pH. This activity optimizes the gut environment that helps reduce the pathogenic load, maintain optimal digestion and growth.

The Next Generation Of Animal Health!

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