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Improve Alfalfa Quality with Dyna-Cure to Help Minimize Leaf Loss

One of the major factors negatively impacting harvested alfalfa forage quality is leaf loss, In fact, a study from the University of Wisconsin showed that leaf percentage accounts for 71% of the variation in alfalfa quality.

The impact leaves have on forage quality shouldn’t be surprising given that alfalfa leaves can have a relative forage quality (RFQ) as high as 450 to 500 while stems have an RFQ of 120 down to 50, depending on the maturity stage.

You don’t have to lose very many leaves before you can turn really good standing alfalfa hay into dry cow hay.

Economically, leaf loss is a killer for alfalfa producers. A 1%-unit loss of leaves drops the value of the hay or haylage by $7 per ton. The declining value encompasses both yield and quality loss, with the latter making up the highest percentage ($4.60 per ton).

DYNA-CURE™ Advance Hay Conditioner is designed to improve the quality and manageability of hay forages.

High quality hay produced with DYNA-CURE™ Advanced Hay Conditioner results in improved palatability, digestibility and overall feed value. This reduces waste and promotes more pounds of milk or more pounds of beef gained per ton consumed.

DYNA-CURE™ Advanced Hay Conditioner can help:

Reduce Leaf Shatter

Reduce Respiration Losses

Accelerate Curing Process

Improve Dry Matter Recovery


Proudly made in the USA

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