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Improve Hay Yield and Quality with Dyna-Cure™

Dyna-Cure™ Hay Conditioner

Whether your hay is sold or fed, improved profitability requires both top quality and high yield. Get the most value from your 2024 hay crop with Dyna-Cure™.


Dyna-Cure™ is a hay conditioner designed to improve the quality and yield of hay forages. It works to give the natural curing process in hay an advantage. Dyna-Cure™ is simple and economical to apply with application equipment developed specifically for Dyna-Cure™.

How Dyna-Cure™ Works

  • Improves dry matter recovery and increases your return per acre.

  • Helps preserve the leaves and the small stems that contain 70% of the TDN. Reduces respiration losses.

  • Accelerates the curing process.

  • Stops the growth of molds and bacteria that promote spoilage, reduced yield.

Premium Value if You Sell Your Hay

Current hay markets suggest there is a $50 to $100 per ton premium for higher quality hay. Field testing of Dyna-Cure™ treated hay has shown an improved RFV of 10 points with 0.6% improvement in crude protein. Depending on baling moisture, trials have shown yield increases of 150 to 300 pounds per acre per cutting.

“Premium Value – Premium Nutrition”

Premium Nutrition if you Feed Your Hay

High forage quality and nutritional value is essential for improved animal production and profitability. Dyna-Cure™ treated hay will contain more leaves and fine stems that contain higher levels of protein, energy and digestible fiber for improved feed efficiency and production.

Dyna-Cure™ Reduces Feed Costs

Forage analysis of Dyna-Cure™ treated hay show higher crude protein, and net energy values due to less leaf loss. This higher nutrient level can reduce total diet costs from expensive protein.

Benefits of Dyna-Cure

·         Improved Hay Quality

·         Increases Yield per Acre

·         Improved Leaf Retention

·         Decreased Drying Time

·         Greener, Softer Hay

·         Increased Palatability

·         Improved Visual Quality

·         Decreased Mold and Heat Damage

·         Dyna-Cure™ is Stable, Non-

Corrosive and Safe

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