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Soil tests, timing, correct fertilizer monitoring all help with soil health

Fertilizer Best Management Practices are key tools for farmers trying to optimize crop growth by providing essential nutrients, maintain soil health, enhance economic returns through increased yields, minimize environmental impact by reducing nutrient runoff, ensure food security by boosting agricultural productivity, and aid in adaptation to climate change by optimizing nutrient uptake and crop resilience.

Cornerstone BMP’s are:

·         Current Soil Tests: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Regular soil testing helps farmers understand their soil's nutrient content and pH levels, allowing them to tailor fertilizer applications to specific crop needs.

·         Nutrient Management Plans: Developing nutrient management plans based on soil test results helps farmers optimize fertilizer use, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

·         Choose the Right Fertilizers: Selecting fertilizers based on crop requirements, soil conditions, and environmental considerations ensures efficient nutrient delivery and minimizes potential environmental harm.

·         Timing Applications: Looking at when the right time to apply their fertilizer applications is according to anticipated crop growth stages and weather conditions. Timely applications maximize nutrient uptake and minimize losses through runoff or leaching.

There are other BMPs that can improve nutrient efficiency as well. They include:

·  Monitoring and Adjusting: Regularly monitoring crop growth, soil conditions, and nutrient levels allows farmers to adjust fertilizer applications as needed throughout the growing season, optimizing crop performance and minimizing waste. 

·  Precision Agriculture: Precision agriculture technologies such as GPS-guided equipment and variable-rate application allows farmers to apply fertilizers exactly where they're needed, optimizing nutrient distribution and minimizing overuse.

Promotes microbial activity

Increased nutrient breakdown

Increased nutrient uptake

Essential for plant synthesis of nutrients

Promotes a balanced nutrient profile

A balanced formula of NPK, Zinc, Sulfur and Boron as well as other chelated micronutrients that are quickly absorbed through the leaves and roots.

Helps aid germination time

Stimulates seed germination

Accelerates seedling emergence.

Promotes continued plant growth through times of stress.

Our products help make Fertilizer Best Management Practices easier by promoting crop vigor and yield through improved seed germination, increased root mass development, accelerated microbial activity and enhanced nutrient uptake.

Contact our plant and forage experts for more information. When you demand more from what you plant, your plants demand our plant health products!


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