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When your profitability is on the line, your animals and crops need more than just good. They need KeyAg products. 

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Excell™ - An All Natural Advantage 

Excell™ assists your operation by helping optimize rumen function for healthier cattle and can assist with reduced stress and illness. 


-More effective, easy-to-use, and competitively priced compared to typical all-natural products 

-Designed to keep animals healthy to perform to their genetic potential 

-Helps improve rumen function and health 

-Helps restore and maintain a healthy balance of digestive bacteria in both the rumen and intestine

-Helps stimulate the immune system

-Helps reduce acidosis, founder, and bloat 


Egg Protein Technology 

Egg Protein Technology are effective at preventing and treating common intestinal pathogens in animals. 


-Oral administration of pathogen specific IgY in EPT can help in the prevention and treatment of intestinal pathogens

-EPT products are highly effective against most common intestinal pathogens which cause diarrhea in animals; such as rotavirus, Escherichia coli, coronavirus, Clostridia Enterotoxemia, Salmonella, Cryptosporidia, Coccidiosis 

-The IgY antibodies in EPT helps to reduce the incidence of disease by preventing the attachment of pathogens to the intestine and blocking the mucosal receptor and interfering with binding to mucins

-Safe and effective alterative to antibiotics 

-Does not harm beneficial intestinal bacteria

-No development of antibiotic resistance

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ProCrypt - Supports the Health of Cattle 

Procrypt has selective binding properties that have been proven effective against major known pathogens and can be used in all livestock species and is safe for the environment.


-Pathogen-load reduction with multiple modes of action impacting pathogen development for Cocci, Crypto, Corona, Roto, -Salmonella, Clostridia, E. Coli 

-Promotes liver health –reduces toxin load, improves liver function, reduces liver abscesses

-Protects the gut and aids in prevention of leaky gut and prevents toxin absorption in small intestine

-Higher IgG’s in colostrum, improved milk production and lower SCC

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Dyna-Cure™ - More Leaf Retention Makes More WEIGHT in the Bale

Dyna-Cure is a hay conditioner is designed to improve the quality and manageability of hay forages. It works to give the natural curing process in hay an advantage. Dyna-Cure is simple and economical to apply with application equipment developed by KeyAg Distributors specifically for Dyna-Cure. This method of application allows for more efficient use of expensive harvesting equipment by giving the producer a management tool that adds to his flexibility.

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Dyna-Sile™ - Improved Silage through Advanced Fermentation Technology

Dyna-Sile is an advanced silage additive for the quality production of alfalfa, grass, corn and high moisture grain silages. Dyna-Sile includes enzyme agents that are used to improve the fermentation and preservation of corn, high moisture corn and cereal grain silages. Dyna-Sile can accelerate the production of lactic acid producing bacteria present in the silage mass.

We get's tougher than ever to be an agriculture producer. We've been there, and are still actively involved in production agriculture and ranching. From our office staff to our production staff and sales staff we have spent time "on the farm" and know that the details make the difference between great success and so-so returns.
For over 30 years, we have been helping producers produce better hay and silage and raise healthier and better producing livestock.
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“Calving in January is as tough
as it gets. As a purebred
breeder, Excell Pro gives me an
edge on sickness. Every time we
touch a calf it gets a dose of
Excell Pro. ”

Randy Lancaster
Triple L Angus
Twin Falls, Idaho