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Great Performance Requires a Strong Start and a Strong Finish  

When your profitability and animal performance are on the line, your animals need more than just good nutrition. They need KeyAg products.

Products that Provide

Better Performance and Health Solutions 

Success in your operation begins with a foundation of good nutrition and digestive health, no matter what life stage your animals are in. 

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Excell™ is a microbial fermentation product available in dry or liquid for working and performance horses. Excell™ helps restore and maintain a healthy intestinal microflora necessary for optimal intestinal integrity, digestion and overall equine health.

Excell™ has been shown to help:

  • Maintain optimal digestive bacteria (the good bugs)

  • Digestion and absorption

  • Strong immune function

  • Reproductive efficiency

  • Overall performance and health

  • Reduce ulcers

  • Faster recovery after a performance

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Equine Performance

Excell™ helps horses avoid digestive issues

Excell™ is produced from a specific strain of Lactobacillus that effectively nurtures and maintains the microbial balance in the digestive tract.

This healthy balance of the horse’s natural microflora not only protects against invading pathogenic organisms, like E. coli, salmonella and clostridium – but also helps in maintaining a good intestinal environment, which helps horses to avoid digestive problems commonly affecting them, such as colic, ulcers, feed efficiency, excess gas production or blockage of the intestines.

Adding Excell™ to your animal’s diet is a proven way to maintain a healthy digestive system necessary for your horse’s overall health and performance.


Companion Animals

Intestinal Health of our Pet

Dogs experience occasional intestinal upsets and exhibit symptoms of diarrhea, gas, bloating and intestinal discomfort.

The intestine of animals is inhabited by a diverse population of organisms that we call the microbiome. A healthy and balanced intestinal microbiome is crucial for maintaining the animal’s health and several body functions including:

  • Support of beneficial bacteria and keeping pathogens in check

  • Function of the immune system

  • Production of anti-inflammatory metabolites

  • Maintenance of healthy digestive tissue and the mucosal barrier

Maintaining both the composition and balance of the bacteria in the dog’s intestine is important for not only intestinal health and digestion, but also for the general health of the animal. Excell™ from KeyAg Distributors can provide the support needed to help maintain the optimal microbiome composition and health of the intestine.

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Our Promise To You
Healthier livestock. Improved production efficiency. Increased profitability



Excell™ is an all-natural lactobacillus fermentation product containing prebiotic components and bioactive metabolytes produced during the fermentation process. Excell™ supports microbial populations in the digestive system of the rumen and intestine and helps the digestive system become more efficient in nutrient digestion and absorption.


Backed by Research

Excell™ has been tested at the University of Idaho compared to Bovatec and Rumensin as well as an in vitro study to compare volatile fatty acid levels to Rumensin. Studies show: 

-improved ADG and total gain over Bovatec.

-Improved ADG and total gain over Rumensin

-improved butyrate, isobutyrate, valine and isovaline.


Excell™ helps maximize performance and profitability by: 

-improving digestive and immune function

-optimizing rumen function during stress

-improving over-all health

-decreasing pathogen exposure during first 10 days

- reducing mortality

- reducing incidence of scours

- heavier weaning weights  

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