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Great Performance Requires a Strong Start and a Strong Finish  

When your profitability and animal performance are on the line, your animals need more than just good nutrition.They need KeyAg products. 

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Complete Calf Care Tips - Dairy

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Better Performance and Health Solutions 

Success in your dairy operation begins with a foundation of good nutrition and digestive health, no matter what life stage your animals are in. 
KeyAg products combined with our Complete Calf Care Program helps optimize rumen function for healthier cattle and can assist with reducing stress and illness while improving production efficiency. 

 Complete Calf Care = Performance, Prevention, and Treatment 

  • More effective, easy-to-use, and competitively priced compared to typical all-natural products 

  • Designed to keep animals healthy to perform to their genetic potential 

  • Helps improve rumen function and health 

  • Helps restore and maintain a healthy balance of digestive bacteria in both the rumen and intestine

  • Helps stimulate the immune system

  • Helps reduce acidosis, founder, and bloat 

Optimum Health and Performance of Newborn, Weaning and Transition Calves

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Newborn Calves - the Future of the Herd

New research is indicating that development of the  calf’s digestive microbiome early in life can help improve her future health and productive performance in the milking herd.  Raising calves requires specific nutritional and health strategies that support optimum immune development, digestive efficiency and nutrient intake at three key periods; the first 14 days, at weaning and transition.

The First Two Weeks of Life

The most important time in the calf’s life is during  the first two weeks after birth. Born without a functional immune system, colostrum provides the calf passive immune protection. Passive immunity is optimum when the calf consumes 12% to 15% of her body weight in colostrum within the first 3 hours. Immunity will last up to five days depending on the immunoglobulin concentration and amount of colostrum fed.


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Development of Active Immune Function for Long-Term Health Benefits

About 24 hours after birth passive immunity begins to decline and by day 5 and the level of protective antibody concentration is low, and the calf is at risk of infection until the active immune system becomes functional about day 14 to 21. This high-risk period is when we often see significant health issues. 


The bioactive compounds in Excell™ from KeyAg Distributors will help support benifical microbial populations in the intestine supporting gut health which contributes to the development of active immune function.

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Stimulation of Rumen Development is Critical for Optimum Weaning and Transition

Research has shown that early calf starter feeding is important for three main reasons:

  1. Significantly helps develop rumen function and capacity when weaned onto dry feed.

    • Dry calf starter should be available by day three, consumption of 0.25 - 0.5 lbs. by two weeks of age, and two -three pounds per day consistently before weaning

  2. Earlier immune development from improved rumen function and nutrient intake

  3. Improved calf weight gains and development goals associated with earlier puberty, lower age at first calving, better first lactation milk production and health status during lactation

As the young calf begins to consume dry feed, ingested bacteria initiates rumen fermentation and production of volatile fatty acids (VFA’S) primarily acetic, propionic, and butyric acid.


Research has shown Excell™ increases the butyric acid levels in rumen fermentation which contributes to accelerated rumen development in weaned calves. The unique profile of bioactive compounds in Excell™ supports microbial populations and butyric acid production in the rumen which is directly utilized for development of rumen tissues.

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Challenges of Weaned Calves in Transition and Growing Phases

Calves weaned and moved to group housing before adequate rumen development has occurred, will be challenged by the stress of the new environment. The calves typically show reduced feed intake and may even lose weight for several weeks and health setbacks occur due to underdeveloped immune function.


To meet the demands of intense production, the calf must begin development of the bodily organs and tissues at an early age and transition into a strong and efficient forage utilizer.   When fresh, we want a cow with significant digestive capacity and production efficiency to have a long and successful lifetime in the herd. Developing optimum rumen function from birth through lactation is the key to maintaining the health, production and profitability of the herd. 


Excell™ from KeyAg Distributors supports rumen functon by supporting microbial populations in the digestive system of the rumen and intestine for efficient nutrient digestion and adsorption needed for productive lactations and animal health.

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Complete Calf Care Supports Every Stage


Research shows an increased level of gut microflora can have a positive health and production related response which allows for an increase in average daily weight gain, performance and profitability for your business.


Preventing intestinal problems from the beginning is one of the best ways you can keep costs and stress down for your animals. Excell™ optimizes and reinforces digestive health through every life stage. 


An outbreak of scours can cause frustration and panic for any operation. Excell™ is a natural, fast-acting treatment for scours and stress from weaning, shipping and processing. 

Driving digestive function to maximize genetic potential

Implement methods and technologies to offset everyday digestive challenges

Addressing known digestive issues with targeted technologies

Our Promise to You

Healthier cattle. Improved production efficiency. Increased profitability. 



Excell™ is an all-natural lactobacillus fermentation product containing prebiotic components and bioactive metabolytes produced during the fermentation process. Excell™ supports microbial populations in the digestive system of the rumen and intestine and helps the digestive system become more efficient in nutrient digestion and adsorption.



Backed by Research

Excell™ has been tested at the University of Idaho compared to Bovatec and Rumensin as well as an in vitro study to compare volatile fatty acid levels to Rumensin. Studies show: 

-improved ADG and total gain over Bovatec.

-Improved ADG and total gain over Rumensin

-improved butyrate, isobutyrate, valine and isovaline.



Excell™ helps maximize performance and profitability by: 

-improving digestive and immune function

-optimizing rumen function during stress

-improving over-all health

-decreasing pathogen exposure during first 10 days

- reducing mortality

- reducing incidence of scours

- heavier weaning weights