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Importance of Butyrate on Rumen Developement

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Butyrate Stimulates the Digestive System Development in Calves by:

• Promoting early rumen tissue development and papillae length

• Accelerating small intestinal development and villi length

• Increasing pancreatic secretions

• Improving nutrient digestibility and overall growth

Considerable university research has shown the significant value of the volatile fatty acid, butyrate on growth and development of gastrointestinal tissues of young calves.

Excell™ Aids in Butyrate Production Naturally

In an in vitro study done at the University of Idaho, Dr. Anne Laarman reported that Excell™, an all-natural lactobacillus fermentation product from Pacer Technology produces higher butyrate levels compared to the control and the ionophore, Monensin.

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