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Include Excell™ and Excell Pro™ All Natural in Your Best Practices for Calf Processing and Branding

As we move into branding time, it is a good time to discuss some calf processing and branding best management practices.

When branding, ensure those who are overseeing the placement of the brand are properly trained and competent in the procedure and know what issues or complications to look for when branding. For example, does the person branding understand how long to hold the brand on, how much pressure to use, how to identify a branding iron that is too hot or not hot enough.

Research has shown that the stress related to processing and branding for calves was correlated more with the amount of time separated from the dam than the actual processing method. The more efficiently we can get calves back with their dams, the less stress those calves will experience. Sufficient communication between all individuals present will lead to prevention of stress in all areas.

Excell™ and Excell Pro™ All Natural help alleviate invading pathogens associated with the stress of branding and working cattle.

Excell™ and Excell Pro™ All Natural are formulated to cleanse the bad bugs and elevate the good bugs so your calf’s natural gut begins to “Excell”.

Excell™ and Excell Pro™ All Natural support immunity during times of sickness associated with stress.


Why Excell Pro™ All Natural?

Excell Pro Custom Stocker Paste contains CA, S and EC Boosters. The Excell fermentation product provides an excellent base for the paste and promotes healthy gut bacteria. Three

specific IgY egg antibodies along with Procrypt are extremely effective in neutralizing invading pathogens.

Excell Pro Custom Stocker Paste is used primarily during branding, weaning, receiving and other times of stress to the herd, generally on cattle and sheep 90 days of age and older.

Producers can also use Excell Pro Custom Stocker Paste when health challenges persist.

Excell Pro Custom Stocker Paste is widely accepted by the industry as very effective and easy to use.

Why Excell™ All Natural?

Helps Stressed Cattle - Weaning, shipping and processing time:

- Stimulate the growth of the rumen microflora

- Stimulate maximum appetite and feed intake

- Improve rumen function and health

- Increase roughage digestibility & nutrient uptake

- Reduce acidosis

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