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One of the most difficult challenges in livestock husbandry today is keeping animals healthy from the inside. Foreign pathogens are present everywhere and are extremely costly to your bottom line.
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ProCrypt™ - Supports the Health of Cattle 

ProCrypt™ is a natural feed additive made from selected chestnut wood (Castanea Sativa Mill) that supports the health of cattle. ProCrypt™ has been proven effective against major pathogens by aiding in the maintenance of healthy intestinal tissue and action of selective binding properties.


-Pathogen-load reduction with multiple modes of action impacting pathogen development for Cocci, Crypto, Corona, Roto, -Salmonella, Clostridia, E. Coli 

-Promotes liver health –reduces toxin load, improves liver function, reduces liver abscesses

-Protects the gut and aids in prevention of leaky gut and prevents toxin absorption in small intestine

-Higher IgG’s in colostrum, improved milk production and lower SCC

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ProCrypt™ Technical Briefs

Value of ProCrypt™ for Immune Function

Maintaining good animal health and prevention of disease in cattle requires the development of a strong immune function in cows prior to breeding to maintain the health of her body and that of the developing calf. At birth, the calf must receive colostrum containing high optimum concentrations of IgG antibodies, cytokines, and maternal cells. Consuming adequate amounts of colostrum soon after birth will provide short term protection as the immune system begins development, progressing in small steps for about 6 months of age until the active immune function is mature and able to cope with environmental pathogens and disease elements.

Value of ProCrypt™ for Liver Abscesses in Cattle


Economic loss from liver abscesses in US beef cattle is about $60 million each year from condemned livers and reduced performance and health.  The incidence of abscessed livers average from 12% to 32% in most feedlots and in 2016, 30.8% of US beef livers were condemned at slaughter.

Value of ProCrypt™ for Protozoal and Bacterial Scours in Cattle

The intestine of animals is known to harbor pathogenic microorganisms which are shed into the environment in the manure. Infection of young calves is a common issue and can lead to severe health issues and high mortality if the calves have not acquired natural immunity.

Pathogens causing major economic loss and health issues, especially to young calves are: Protozoa; Cryptosporidium and Coccidiosis, Bacteria; E. Coli, Salmonella, and Clostridia; Virus; Rota virus and Corona virus

Value of ProCrypt™ for New-Born Calves

The first 10 days is the most important feeding period of a newborn calf’s life. During the first 5 days, the calf is protected from most pathogens by passive immunity from colostrum, so it is important that the cow has produced a high level of immunoglobulins (IgG’s) before calving.  Passive immunity from colostrum only lasts about 5 days and during the next two weeks the calf is susceptible environmental pathogen challenge until the immature immune system becomes completely functional.

Benefits of ProCrypt™ in Pre-Calving Programs

Two protozoal pathogens, Cryptosporidium and Coccidiosis have been affecting cattle producers in many parts of the country. Concentration levels of these pathogens in the environment can be extremely high especially in areas infected cattle congregate and oocysts are shed into the environment in the manure. Infection of young calves is a common issue and can lead to severe health issues and high mortality if the calves have not acquired natural immunity.