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One of the most difficult challenges in livestock husbandry today is keeping animals healthy from the inside. Foreign pathogens are present everywhere and are extremely costly to your bottom line.

Therapy of Neonatal Calf Diarrhea

The major problem with milk involves treatment of the calf for acidosis. It is very important to treat calves for acidosis as soon as possible. The main ingredient is oral electrolyte preparations for the treatment of acidosis is sodium bicarbonate. Since sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline substance, it raised the pH of the abomasum, which in turn interferes with the clotting and digestion of the milk. Therefore, if a calf is still nursing, it should not be given an oral electrolyte solution containing sodium bicarbonate because it does not allow the calf to digest the milk that provides the nutrients necessary to the calf. One of the earliest signs of acidosis is losing the sucking reflex. If the calf has diarrhea but is still bright, alert and desires to suck, then acidosis is probably not a problem at this stage. An oral electrolyte without bicarbonate can then be used to rehydrate the calf. This will allow the calf to gain the maximum benefit from the milk he is drinking and correct the dehydration at the same time.

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Assess and Treat Calf Diarrhea

Clinical symptoms that help evaluate amount of dehydration in calves.


The most accurate methods for assessment of dehydration in calves are eyeball recession into the orbit and skin tent duration in the neck region. Smith (Geof Smith, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, North Carolina State University) says to gently evert the lower eyelid and estimate the recession of the globe into the orbit. Skin elasticity is best measured on the lateral side of the midcervical area by pinching a fold of skin, rotating it 90°, and measuring the time for the skinfold to disappear.


An oral electrolyte solution must satisfy the following four requirements: supply sufficient sodium to normalize the extracellular fluid volume; provide agents (glucose, acetate, propionate or glycine) that facilitate absorption of sodium and water from the intestine; provide an alkalinizing agent (acetate, propionate, or bicarbonate) to correct metabolic acidosis, and provide energy.

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