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The Importance of Rumen Function During Weaning and Receiving

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

All-Natural Excell™ enhances intake and rumen function

Stress is a major issue during the

weaning and receiving process

from both nutritional and social

changes. Appetite, rumen function

and efficiency are significantly

affected and need to be addressed

get cattle off to a good start and avoid health and performance issues.

The primary objective for weaned and newly arrived cattle is to keep them

healthy, minimize stress and maximize feed and water intake.

Excell maintains rumen function and feed intake

The stress of weaning, working and shipping cattle affects appetite and feed consumption which often results in a compromised immune system, sickness and weight loss.

Excell can help support animal health during these stressful periods by keeping the rumen functioning and maintaining adequate nutrient intake. Good rumen function stimulates appetite and maintains normal feed consumption which supports health and immune function.

Good rumen function is also dependent on the proper rumen pH for optimum levels of rumen microbes, fermentation activity and digestion.

Value in liquid supplement

Two University of Idaho backgrounding trials have shown significant performance improvement when Excell was included in the liquid supplement.

1. A 45‐day calf backgrounding trial showed Excell® fed calves out gained monensin fed calves by .23 lbs. average daily gain. Over the 45‐day trial Excell® produced 9.9 additional pounds of growth.

2. Excell® fed steers gained 6.9 % more (4.5 lbs.) and heifers gained 14.5% more (6.9 lbs.) (14.5%) than Lasalocid fed calves providing a net return of $5.11 per calf.

The Next Generation Of Animal Health!

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