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Value of Excell™ in Weaned Calf Rations for 21 Days After Weaning

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Seventy-seven (77) Holstein bull calves were randomly assigned to two treatments using a randomized complete block design with a 3-week experimental period.

Treatments were: Control: Calf starter (CS), and Excell™ fed at 5 grams per head per



Body frame measurements were improved (P < 0.05) in all areas over the control.

Calves fed Excell™ demonstrated greater (P < 0.05) body weight (BW; 81.3 kg for Control, 84.8 kg. for Excell™, and Average daily gain (ADG; 965.5, gr for Control and 1052.8 gr for Excell™.

Improved body weight and Average Dairy Gain of Excell™

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