Silage Products

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RPC BPI Agriculture (formerly AT Films, Inc.) Premium Silage Covers are designed to provide a highly durable cover for fermentation of piled, chopped green fodder in silage pits or bunkers. The increased strength, and resistance to elongation, puncture, and ultraviolet light, makes Premium Silage Covers the recommended choice anywhere especially in locations where extra durability is desired.
Anywhere, anytime choose AGFLEX for grain, silage, and commodity storage. Made from a combination of remarkable new polymers, AGFLEX resists cracks, tears and punctures. It is suitable for all human and animal grain and silage applications, and performs well with all modern silage baggers, grain baggers, and high capacity grain bag extractors. AGFLEX bags can be filled in the field to save you time, labor, storage, and fuel costs. In addition, they're 100% recyclable.
Round, square or rectangular silage bale tubing machine. The single-piece plastic tube eliminates air and water seepage for an unequalled silage quality. The bag is recyclable and stretches tightly over the bales, no matter their shape, eliminating all air movement inside the tube. SilaTube bagging quality is unsurpassed in the market.
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